Some Updates for Quint

There have been a few changes to Quint in recent weeks; as development occurs and I have the opportunity to test more, certain things will shift and, while the core…


The Flotilla: Ausdygn

Ausdygn is seen by many of the Flotilla’s inhabitants as a tranquil and relaxing place, at least on it’s North-most island. To the south the climate regulators are dialed heavily to a dryer and hotter climate which combined with a mountain range creates a desert of purple sand.

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The overland maps of the Flotilla...

The Flotilla: Uthina

Uthena is home to the tree of Athletics. As such this ship houses a society based on physical progress, feats of athleticism and even martial prowess. The cities of Uthena…


Chapters in Quint

Brainstorming about content is an important stage to go through, in my book, because preparation is half of the battle. Knowing where I want to put things allows me the…


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