Off a Beaten Path

"This isn't fair! Somebody has to stop him!" Tawni mewled to her mother. Her mother, ever patient simply smiled and brushed the fur smooth upon her daughter's cheek. "Dear child, if he will not listen we will have to simply find another way. It's not within our power to stop him from exacting whatever price he wants." She said dotingly...


Into the Fae Kingdom

Circe had snuck into her father's laboratory and had crafted a spell that while far beyond her years was imperfect and unpredictable. Johan had barely arrived in time to save her from her mistake, and scolded her with an anger that could cow a child without Circe's bravery and defiance...


Maalik and the Darkest Tower

He was young when his infernal heritage began to show. His father blamed his mother, and his mother did not survive the man's violent accusations. With his father tried and hung for murder and no living relatives, the boy was left to an orphanage in Acria just outside of Polathium...


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