Quint Early Access V1.1

In this update I introduced a few additional rules and a little more content; Experience and Rewards: This new section in the Storyteller Tools chapter demonstrates how to award character…


Some Updates for Quint

There have been a few changes to Quint in recent weeks; as development occurs and I have the opportunity to test more, certain things will shift and, while the core…


The Flotilla: Ausdygn

Ausdygn is seen by many of the Flotilla’s inhabitants as a tranquil and relaxing place, at least on it’s North-most island. To the south the climate regulators are dialed heavily to a dryer and hotter climate which combined with a mountain range creates a desert of purple sand.

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The overland maps of the Flotilla...

The Flotilla: Uthina

Uthena is home to the tree of Athletics. As such this ship houses a society based on physical progress, feats of athleticism and even martial prowess. The cities of Uthena…


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