Quint Early Access V1.3

There are a lot of recent changes to Quint. A small amount of adjustment through the skill trees, as well as a lot of new writing and art.

  • Added an illustration to the “World of Quint” chapter
  • Added a section on Rest and Healing to “The Rules”
  • Added 30 additional items to the “Items and Equipment” chapter.
  • Added Experience and Rewards to the “Storyteller Tools” chapters.
  • Added the Nexan Cleric to the list of example archetypes.
  • Skill and ability adjustments throughout the chapter “Trees of Life”.

I have a handful of interviews already out, but I’m also hoping to talk about worldbuilding this weekend on a podcast.

I’m also proud to announce that I’m working on a Quickplay guide for Quint! The free, almost 60 page guide will walk you through a simple journeying scenario that will give you a taste of the game’s feel. With five example characters you can simply choose who you want to play and jump in! Keep your eyes open for it soon.

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