Quint Early Access V1.5

Quint is coming along swimmingly, with tons of details coming down the pipeline.

  • Added illustrations of holy symbols for all 9 deities of the pantheon in the “Pantheon” section
  • Grammar improvements throughout
  • PDF pages rotated for ease of use; no more manual rotation on pages with horizontal spreads
  • 1 half page illustration added to the “How to Play” section
  • Trees of Life and Aether trees fully illustrated.
  • Illustration added to “Fillable Sheets”
  • Grammar and verbiage adjustments throughout.
  • Magical equipment “attunement” changed to “binding”
  • Vastly expanded hex exploration tables, creating more than 5 million potential hexes!

Quint is in active development, and I could use your help; for just $5 you can get early access to the game as all of these details get added. Your contribution will help me afford interior art, editing and more!

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