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Quint Early Access V1.1

In this update I introduced a few additional rules and a little more content;

  • Experience and Rewards: This new section in the Storyteller Tools chapter demonstrates how to award character points and monetary rewards after a session. It also details how you might additionally include non monetary rewards like connections or favours.
  • Improved verbiage in the Trees of Life chapter. A few words and terms have been changed to match the rest of the book and have been unified across it.
  • Added four new illustrations in the Trees of Life chapter, namely for the skills Athletics, Coordination, Endurance and Perceiving.
  • Improved formatting throughout, in particular moving all of the fillable sheets needed to play the game to the end of the book.

In addition, improvements have been made to my site over at, namely I’ve added a “Community Copies” feature! This feature is intended to help players without the means to afford my game a way to get access to it. If you feel generous, you can add community copies of Quint by;

  • Tipping: Every $5 increment above Quint’s current price adds another community copy
  • Following: For every 10 people who follow me on itch, twitter or teepublic I add another copy
  • Every 5 PDF sales of Quint adds another copy.

I hope to see you around! Quint is becoming better by the day, with your help.

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