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Roles in Quint

The delineation between the two different “roles” you can occupy while playing Quint is meant to be thin. The system of rules that Storytellers and Players will use is almost entirely the same, meaning that a Storyteller and a Player could seamlessly switch roles if they decided to. In fact, we’re hoping to include a guide on how to do exactly that in our chapter which we’ve provisionally named “Narrative: How to tell a story using Quint.”


Every game of Quint requires a Storyteller. The Storyteller is in charge of weaving the narrative together and challenges that the players must surpass to gain experience. In the Storyteller chapter, we will provide charts to allow you to create these plot points, but as supplements to your imagination and not prescriptions. Your role with the story is to allow it to move forward, and as the Storyteller you can sometimes have a lot of power in deciding what that means. Included in the Storyteller section is a series of questions regarding players’ comfort and their interests, as well as instructions on how to use players’ backstories to help construct a broad narrative. Lastly in this section we’re going to include examples of creatures or enemies that you can create with our system, how we created them, how you can make some of your own and how to balance them against your Players.


The Players experience challenges throughout the story to gain experience for characters that they create. Motivations therein are determined by the individual, and included in our Player section you’ll find a guide on how to both build a character mechanically but also how to create a story for your character to represent their time before their shared adventures. Backstory, while not mechanically rewarded is certainly narratively rewarded in the Quint system. In the Player section we’re hoping to write a guide on how to create a short story to serve as a basis for your character’s motivations. We will also discuss the concept of “metagaming” here and how it relates to the system, how to share the spotlight, and how to enhance other Players’ stories by becoming involved. We will also include charts of randomized tables in this section to help players who are lacking inspiration in the moment.

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