Some Updates for Quint

There have been a few changes to Quint in recent weeks; as development occurs and I have the opportunity to test more, certain things will shift and, while the core system remains, new dynamics emerge! A few of the changes I’ve made include:

  • Swapped Mysticism and Art: Originally, the Mysticism skill was a skill associated with the Spirit statistic and Art was associated with the Mind statistic. This lead to a dynamic where all of the skills that gave you supernatural, magical power were tied to the Spirituality statistic. To increase diversity I decided to swap the Mysticism and Art skills, making Art a Spirit skill and Mysticism a Mind skill.
  • Implemented a passive skill system: Quint utilizes a d20 to determine success and failure, but I felt like there should be a way to represent a baseline of your skill. With the new passive system, any roll you make that results in a number below your passive simply uses your passive. To get access to this ability for each skill, you spend the first point in its tree. This incentivizes people who enjoy making a broad, un-specialized character.
  • Story Dice are used for initiative: In the initial rules, the d20 was used for initiative because the Story Dice were meant to be set aside to use later. However the result was that initiative was wildly disparate. In an attempt to mitigate this, initiative is now rolled with a d4, d6, d8 and d12. However, this could change again; the balance of this dynamic is really important to making the flow of initiative feel satisfying.

I’ve made small grammar and formatting changes throughout as well, of course, but one of the most significant changes was to the Character Sheet. You’ll notice that there is now a column for your passive skill bonus, as well as separation between each set of four skills, divided by the statistic they’re associated with. Last but not least there is a graphic on the second page to help you keep track of your Story Dice.

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