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Statistics and Skills in Quint

In the game of Quint, you begin play with three statistics at 1: Body, Knowledge and Spirit. In the average game, you will then get 3 additional points to spend however you would like on these three statistics. Each statistic represents your core training and ability with a set of skills. Body represents your physical self, your ability gained through exercise and training as well as your constitution. It is tested when you try to push your physical limits, and challenged when an enemy threatens your physical wellbeing. Knowledge represents a character’s intellect, their memory and their ability to understand the complex world of magic. It is tested when you try to recall information about a subject, and it is challenged when an enemy threatens your mind, your sanity or your magical essence. Spirit represents a character’s metaphysical understanding of themselves as well as their connection to the faiths, pacts and oaths of the world. Spirit is tested when your spiritual being is being taxed beyond its limit, or when an enemy threatens your soul, your faith or your willpower.

Body, Knowledge and Spirit form the basis of a character

Skills in Quint are used to determine your character’s core abilities. By adding the associated statistic to any bonus you have to a skill, you can determine a value that allows you certain freedom to simply accomplish tasks. Largely left up to the storyteller, suggestions for these values will be included in a chart in the storyteller section. For example, the Athletics skill determines how far you can jump. You can jump a number of meters equal to your Body (the statistic associated with Athletics) and your Athletics with a running jump. If you were trying to jump further than this the storyteller sets the difficulty of the roll instead. This is called a test, and occurs whenever the storyteller thinks something would be difficult for your character to accomplish based on their skill.

Another way to use skills is called the challenge. A challenge occurs when two entities clash and the result is uncertain. Both parties roll a test for the relevant skill, with the victor determining the effect. Victory will have thresholds which will garner additional effects should you succeed beyond an opponent greatly.

The skills and their associated statistics will be:


  • Athletics: Athletics training covers your training with physical activities
  • Coordination: Represents both your physical coordination and your tactical coordination.
  • Endurance: Training in this skill represents your ability to shrug off damage.
  • Perceiving: This skill represents the trained physical skill of the eye.


  • Science: This represents your knowledge of physical and metaphysical sciences.
  • Technology: This skill increases your knowledge of the devices of the world.
  • Art: Your knowledge of the world through the physical creations of societies.
  • Politics: Your knowledge of the social world, and the various important connections therein.


  • Mysticism: This skill eventually allows spellcasting, and is used for magical connections.
  • Faith: Faith represents a connection to a deity, deities, or a pact made with something strong.
  • Aether: This is your ability to sense otherworldly energies, and interact with a web of magical communication.
  • Influence: This skill represents your knack, charm, wit or glower.

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