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Swapping between Storyteller and Player roles in Quint: Doorways of Aether

Quint: Doorways of Aether is a game meant to be played with your playgroup. In it, the Storyteller doesn’t take an oppositional stance against the Players, but rather their role is to guide the story and try to help the Players progress while simultaneously acting as an impartial arbiter of the rules.

Being the Storyteller can involve a fair amount of work in preparation as well as keeping track of things from plot points, to character motivations to area descriptions. Even the staunchest of Storytellers will want to take a break even if only for a while. What’s more, a Player might be inspired watching a Storyteller and might want to initiate a story themselves.
Quint is meant to be played flexibly between roles; check out the advice below to help make it seamless!

Quint: Doorways of Aether, “Storyteller Tools” Page 39

But that’s not all! The section also comes with specific advice for either side of the dynamic; Storytellers becoming Players, and Players becoming Storytellers.

If you’re a Storyteller becoming a Player, you should;

  • Leave notes for the next Storyteller: Don’t leave them a novel, but information on non player characters or plot points can be invaluable.
  • Not keep secrets: While you might have a surprise in mind for the future, if you leave the Storyteller role you should let it go.
  • Be respectful of the next Storyteller: When your role changes, you should assist the next Storyteller when asked but try not to interrupt.
  • Level a character, or create a new character to have the same number of character points as the other players.

If you’re a Player becoming a Storyteller, you should;

  • Get any notes from the previous Storyteller, and discuss any confusion.
  • Review your group’s World Sheet, making sure you don’t disrespect any Limitations or Boundaries.
  • Plan your story: While you might be tempted to improvise and a sense of spontaneity is important an outline will save you a lot of stress.
  • Review the rules, and read the Storyteller Tools section to understand the new set of rules you have to work with.
  • Create your group’s next adventure!

But that’s not all! Characters that you aren’t using because you’ve swapped roles to Storyteller don’t vanish. While Quint does specifically advise you not to involve a character you were playing too directly in your plot, when your time as Storyteller ends you can level up your character to match the power of the rest of the party.

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