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The Dice of Quint

To start off our system, we want to determine how the game is played at it’s very root. The element of randomness that most tabletop roleplaying games use seems like a good way to create narrative stakes and so we decided to run with that. Quint uses the traditional TTRPG set of seven dice with an emphasis on the 4, 6, 8, 12 and 20 sided dice as the main set you use during the game and the d100 used as a tool to help discover narrative inspiration.

D20 – This dice determines most of the interractions between players, enemies and challenges they might face. The contested roll of the 20 sided dice represents the struggle of chance between two parties or when one tries to test their skill.

D4, D6, D8, D12 – These dice are used by players as assistance dice, and by the storyteller as narrative dice. As such this set of four dice is set aside but rarely used outside of specific abilities. To use them, the player uses an assist action and adds the bonus to an ally’s check or roll. The storyteller, meanwhile, can use their narrative dice to increase or decrease an enemy’s check or roll depending on what the narrative requires.

D100 – The two percentile dice are used in random inspiration charts which are included in the storyteller section. These charts are going to be a tool that players and storytellers can use when they’re stuck in a creative rut; we’ve all been there. Outside of these charts they aren’t used during gameplay however, so they can be set aside if you’re so inclined as a player.

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