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The Flotilla: Ausdygn

Ausdygn is seen by many of the Flotilla’s inhabitants as a tranquil and relaxing place, at least on it’s North-most island. To the south the climate regulators are dialed heavily to a dryer and hotter climate which combined with a mountain range creates a desert of purple sand. The contrast of these two places is frequently used as a means of contemplation by the inhabitants who take long and pointed journeys in the hopes of finding enlightenment.

The culture of this ship is one that makes the most out of everything. Considered to be leaders in the field of preservation the citizens of Ausdygn never waste so much as a heel of bread. Their culture helps to inform the policies of the Flotilla in that regard, and their leaders are approached for advice when rationing comes into play after a poor harvest or a sudden catastrophe. Nothing is wasted here and much of the architecture incorporates broken pieces of structures recovered by divers from the surface.

The leaders of this ship come from The Tower of Asceticism. Perhaps the second most faithful place on the Flotilla the people here nurture faith in themselves and their physical being in combination with their spiritual energies. A slightly different approach to the clerics of the Nexus leads to a people that is physically and emotionally balanced. To choose their leader, the most practiced ascetic monk proposes a single philosophical question to a group of aspirants. The person considered by the group to have the most profound or well thought response becomes the leader of this ship for the coming year.

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