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The Flotilla: Syntonisma

Syntonisma is a well oiled machine in more ways than one. Organization, administration and the adjudication of these things is important on this ship. A citizen of Syntonisma will be quick to point out the rule that you’re breaking, if they’re aware you’re breaking it. While some members of other ships might find this grating, the citizens of this place have internalized this paradigm into their culture and would earnestly be confused by somebody who doesn’t care for the way things are supposed to be done. However one boon does come from this strictness; Syntonisma is easily the most well maintained ship of the Flotilla.

The Grand Symposium is a wonder of engineering; a geodesic dome made of the same enchanted glass as the shields that cover the ships. Like the shield domes, the glass of this structure can shift and change, though the individual panels in this case are more asethetic than practical. While the symposium attracts diplomats for its purpose as a meeting place and forum, it also brings in those enchanted by stories of its beauty, particularly during the sunny late springs or summers.

Urimiki is considered at first glance to be the opposite of the Grand Symposium, but this wild place is in fact groomed to seem that way. The city proper houses meticulously planned parks with bushes and trees pruned to exacting shapes. The outlying city incorporates living plants into its architecture and while some might presume that this is an aesthetic choice it is in fact mandated by Syntonisma’s leadership.

Politically, Syntonisma has a fair amount of sway in concerns of organization. The counters and policy makers on this ship tend to offer advice to other ships regarding things like shipping, storage or administration. The leader of this ship is chosen with a democratic process wherein every member of the ship above a certain age is allowed a single vote for a candidate. The candidates, as it stands, argue their positions beneath the mystically coloured dome of the symposium to the West.

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