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The Flotilla: Uthina

Uthena is home to the tree of Athletics. As such this ship houses a society based on physical progress, feats of athleticism and even martial prowess. The cities of Uthena are organized in an esoteric way, with ladders, handholds and even ropes incorporated into most structures to allow the daring to swing and vault to save time. While practice makes perfect and the citizens of Uthena are considered to be some of the most physically capable on the Flotilla the propensity for the brave (some might say foolhardy) citizens of the ship to injure themselves has made it the foremost expert in providing access to inventions, magic and accessible architecture to help people who need or want it.

The jewel of Uthena is the coliseum of Everbuild, in which its leader is found. Tests of skill take place here every four years, with the person who gains the most points taking the mantle of captain for the vessel. While a person unfamiliar with Uthenian culture might presume the colliseum is expressly for tests of physical skill, it is in fact much more broad in its scope. The tests that take place there are myriad, from horse riding to pole vaulting and yes even sparring but also included are tests of philosophy, poetry and design. Some of the most unique plans and structures on the Flotilla have come from these competitions.

On the political stage Uthena holds a great deal of sway, as its citizens form the bulk of the militia responsible for combating ghost and spirit breaches to the domes. As such politicians from Uthena frequently invoke the bravery and the sacrifice of their people to garner advantage in the eyes of the church, which in turn helps them negotiate favourable treatment. It’s said that after every breach Uthenians eat well for a month.

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