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Welcome to Quint

Quint is a role-playing game with a focus on rule simplicity, ease of play, synergy and communal storytelling. It takes place in the world of Quintessence, some time after the setting implied in the Quintessence handbook. In this world, trees have grown from the earth after a great sacrifice. Upon these trees were the wisdom of the paths, skills that people could learn through experience to build a new world.

From this innovation came a wellspring of both prosperity and turmoil; the trees, once evenly spread throughout the world as a sign of peace became enshrouded by the barriers of war. Stories of the trees that people can not reach still circulate, and their skills still present in every society. But some fear that should time pass through generations a time without peace would mean a great forgetting.

You see, stories are the only way to spread the mystery of the trees’ paths without witnessing it yourself; copying, writing, drawing, truthfully any attempt at reproduction of what one might witness there upon the branches fails completely. Everything but a story becomes confused and innaccurate to the point of being useless. As such the trees exist, to some, in memory alone.

Knowledge grows upon their branches

With this world in mind, we want to talk about the concept of synergy in games and how we want to apply it to Quint. In the above story, we are describing the way in which players create characters . In the game of Quint, there are skills which you can learn which can advance up branching paths to stronger or more complex abilities. These trees are both an in game mechanic and a crucial story element. Through our development we’re hoping to create more connections like that in our game’s system to make it seem cohesive to the game’s lore.

One other way that we’ve decided to implement this paradigm is the player we call the storyteller. This person directs the narrative of the story in a way that is both guided and open to creativity. However, they will use an almost entirely similar ruleset to the players when creating enemies as when a player is creating a character. An enemy, then, is generally more similar to a player’s character than dissimilar. The way that these two sets of rules coincide, we hope, will allow players to learn how to become storytellers simply by playing.

Welcome to Quint! We hope you enjoy your stay and we’ll have plenty more to talk about soon. Keep an eye out for an upcoming funding drive, and stick around to see more as we continue to develop.

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